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150th Anniversary Planning Committee



Message from our Pastor:

You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country. Deuteronomy 28:3


The Bible is full of praise of our God. I was elated and overjoyed to receive a call from Mr. Bradley, informing me that the church had water!

This has been a goal of mine since my tenure at Asbury Jessup! I was saddened to know when I came to the church there was not adequate water to drink. I asked many questions concerning this troubling matter and the bottom line was the lack of resources. This has been a challenge for the past four pastors. The faith in me believed that God would answer our prayer! It was through our evangelism we were able to acquire county water, just by trusting and believing. Some members argued about the church trying to get the surveying done when there was no running water. The prayer of Jabez, says I will enlarge your territory. To God be the glory, we have conquered both tasks by evangelism.

I was able to embrace the course on Evangelism at Wesley in October. Some of my best and worst experiences as a pastor center on evangelism. I’ll never forget when of our most faithful mission is the partnership with Guilford Elementary School, or Grassroots Shelter. These are some of the examples of what God really wants us to do! To share the good news to everyone! Many members believe in most churches that it is the pastor’s job to get more people in the church, but, this is an outreach for all people who have a personal relationship with Jesus.

I want to commend the committee who initiated the outreach opportunity of the church with their first bull roast under my leadership. Lesa Lindsay, Mary Johnson and Jaylen Johnson did an excellent job with this event to build monies for the church. What was disappointing was the lack of participation from Asbury! Sometimes, I wonder what god we are really serving! On the flip side God had the right people there for an afternoon of harmony. I was so grateful to have our oldest member there; Mama Bernice!

If we are going to be the church, then we need to act like the church. It’s not about the building, but it’s all about the kingdom of God! We must know God is calling us to a higher calling of living and loving!

I successfully completed my annual interview with the District Superintendent and the District Committee on Ministries.

Many thanks to all who have assisted with our charge conference and a special thanks to our Recording Secretary; Vera Miller.


Peace and Love,

Pastor Gay

Rev. Gay Green-Carden